Summer 2018 Out West

Hey West Coast friends! I’m writing down in one place all of the ropey things I’ll be doing on the West Coast this summer. It would be great to connect with you all in a variety of ways (see below)!

I’ll be arriving in Oakland sometime in late June to start my monthlong Artist in Residency at the beautiful VoxBody. I’ll be around Oakland (and briefly in Arizona and South Lake Tahoe) for almost all of July. You can find me teaching workshops, helping out with jams, performing, and labbing a whole lot!


Collaborating and Labbing
I’m very interested in creating work during my residency at VoxBody. At the moment, I’m particularly interested in merging rope performance with theatrical mask and puppetry and generally exploring how to evolve dramaturgy within rope performance. If you have any expertise in these areas and would like to collaborate, I’d love to talk more about that. I’m also looking to tie a whole lot while I’m in town, and am particularly interested in labbing minimalist harnesses. So performers/theatre minded people, rope bottoms, and photographers/videographers interested in collaborating- please get in touch!

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